Lollipop is a sweet-smelling Indica dominant strain that will satisfy that sweet tooth. The buds are dense, beautiful and medium to large in size. The buds are bright green with a multitude of crystals and red hairs strewn throughout as you can see from the pics. Lollipop is aptly named. The smell of this strain is one that will have you doing a doubletake as the sweet aroma actually smells like sugary candy. These traits carry over well into the taste department as the smoke test began. Also, there is a slight cough inducing throat tickle upon the exhale (never really a bad thing). The aforementioned taste when smoking is sweet and piney. The incoming high can be described as mellow with a gradual onset. Definitely a creeper. The high comes on steady and levels out at the “just-right” stage. Not too overpowering, leaving you couch-locked. Therefore, leaving you with a high that just washes over your entire body with euphoria and relaxation. As a result, this would be a great strain to experience during the day for an experienced smoker and perfect to have a mellow evening after a long day at work.

Earn up to 240 Points.

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